CLIMB Fund's mission is to build a strong economic, social, and climate resilient present and future for South Carolina by creating green loan products and educating our team, clients, and community about climate action.


CLIMB Fund's vision is to be a leader of change, inspire others to act on climate change by educating, providing resources, and becoming experts at green lending and sustainable development to support a healthy and equitable future for all.


  1. Collaboration & Innovation:
    1. Exploring creative, science driven solutions and methods to combat climate change in South Carolina.
    2. Working together and partnering with local, state, and national organizations who are also dedicated to combating climate change.
  2. Community & Inclusion:
    1. Including communities who have been historically excluded from decision-making. We are committed to including all communities in our partnerships, solutions, operational decision-making, and actions.
  3. Impact & Integrity:
    1. Accountability in our actions by continuously tracking our workplace environmental impact.
    2. We recognize that corporate green washing exists—we will be honest with our efforts.
    3. Creating climate conscious lending practices.
  4. Social Justice & Equity:
    1. Providing equitable resources to all communities we serve, recognizing environmental justice is social justice, and acknowledging South Carolina’s historical oppression towards BIPOC communities.
  5. Education & Resilience
    1. Educating staff, stakeholders, clients, and communities about climate action, issues, and solutions.
    2. Providing general resources on climate change and climate action, industry specific sustainability resources and technical assistance.
    3. Analyzing climate risk to understand what can impact the communities we serve and responding with knowledge and resources.