CLIMB Fund Staff presents to National Credit Building Symposium

We are very excited to share what our Portfolio Manager, Bruno Kretzschmar, has been up to this week in Washington D.C. at the 9th Annual Credit Builders Alliance (CBA) Credit Building Symposium. Bruno introduced Microsoft Power BI as a tool for credit building programs. CLIMB Fund is incredibly proud of Bruno and his drive to educate others. Check out what Bruno had to say about his session below!

“Credit building becomes more powerful when impact can be measured, when we can see which demographics are struggling and can use more help, which geographic areas have benefited the most from such programs, and what type of programs have achieved better results with borrowers. In my CDFI, we have used Power BI to cut time staff spend with reporting data to inside and outside stakeholders and also improve decision-making. Although data visualization tools are not directly affecting credit building, they are work hand-in-hand to bring more awareness to the importance of such programs. I plan to have a report on some metrics with dummy data to see how a lender can measure the impact of credit building efforts. Power BI can be implemented at a low cost for organizations that already use Microsoft products. “